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For First Time Visitors


What Should I Wear?

Slip on your special shoes. Or put on your favorite khakis and loafers - you're coming to the Holland Center or the Orpheum Theater to enjoy yourself. So wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Are There Any Customs I Should Know About?

No "special" skills are required to enjoy a show at any of the arts venues. However, there are certain practices you might find helpful:

  • Courteous Silence: Particularly in the sensitive acoustics of the Holland Center's Peter Kiewit Hall, the slightest noises - humming, clapping, whispering - can be heard by all. Be aware of your personal sounds. Of course, mobile phones and all other electronic devices must be silenced before the performance begins.
  • Applause: The custom for applause varies depending on the type of performance. In the past, the tradition has been to clap only at the very end of a performance or after a group of pieces, as indicated in the program - but enthusiastic applause is often appreciated. If you are worried about when to applaud, the safest course is to wait until there is a pause in the music - and everyone is clapping.

When Should I Arrive?

It's a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes before show time, especially if it's a Broadway show or theatrical production. Broadway shows often have a seating hold during the first song of the production, meaning: if you arrive late, you'll have to enjoy the show from the lobby until the seating hold is lifted. You'll also want to give yourself plenty of time to park, peruse the program and prepare yourself for the experience.

Theater lobbies open one hour prior to the start of an event, including any pre-show activities. 

Late Seating: In consideration of artists and patrons, late seating will take place during the first appropriate pause in the program, at the discretion of management. Certain programs are performed without intermission; in those cases, late seating may not be available at all. For the convenience of latecomers, the performance can be viewed and heard on monitors throughout the lobbies.

May I Bring my Children?

Children are welcome at most performances at any of the venues. Please be sensitive to your fellow patrons when it comes to acoustic disruption in our theaters. Research performances on this website and elsewhere, check in with the Ticket Omaha staff to find out more about age-appropriate performances, and decide for yourself whether your children should attend.

Patrons of all ages - including infants - must have a ticket to enter and must sit in the seat indicated.

May I Take Photos or Record the Music?

Due to copyright laws, the use of any recording devices, including cellphones, is not permitted during the performance. All recording devices must be turned off during performances.